Precision Pellet waggler

Precision Pellet wagglers

As the name suggests the Precision Pellet Wagglers fly like an arrow exactly where you cast them, making the smaller sizes perfect for 'mugging' large wary carp. They also 'sit' as soon as they hit the water, without diving at all which is a common problem when fishing really shallow. The design encorporates a 10mm diameter Balsa pellet waggler with an extremely bright and visible tip, perfect for fishing in poor light conditions and at range with the larger sizes. The key to them being so effective is the loading which sits in the perfect position, right up against the float. This prevents any wobble during casting and makes them the perfect 'ready to fish' pellet waggler.

Available in; 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g & 6g.

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Code Description
P0210001Precision Pellet Waggler - 2g
P0210002Precision Pellet Waggler - 3g
P0210003Precision Pellet Waggler - 4g
P0210004Precision Pellet Waggler - 5g
P0210005Precision Pellet Waggler - 6g