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    Feeder Braid

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    Centris NT

    The most advanced reel we've ever made

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    world champion
    team feeder luggage

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    Mag Store

    the ultimate hooklength storage system

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    Soft progressive

    Supera Rods

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    Check out the latest Pole Fishing gear...from poles to floats and rollers

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Preston Innovations
Number 1 in Match Fishing

Welcome to the website for all match fishing anglers

Aimed at the serious match angler, Preston Innovations offer a wide range of products that suit many different styles of fishing. From the casual angler right through to professional match winners we cover something for every angler in our diverse and vast range of quality products.

We have one of the strongest and most formidable team of anglers, the likes of Des Shipp, Lee Kerry, Neil McKinnon, Mick Vials and Andy Findlay are all regular faces in our product development meetings, so it’s no wonder our product range is so impressive and extensive.

The invaluable input from these match winning professionals helps us produce innovative and cutting-edge products that are not only practical, but really give anglers an edge - especially in match fishing situations.

New Latest Match Fishing Products

We're constantly adding new products to the range of fishing tackle we offer, utilising some of the latest and revolutionary materials/components which ultimately provides you with more options and the highest quality product possible. You can see all the latest items in our match fishing portfolio of products here...

Click here to see the whole collection of new products or browse the entire range of Preston Innovations match fishing and tackle products.

We hope you enjoy using the site, Tight lines

Online Product Guide

We've put together a complete online catalogue of all our current match fishing tackle products, and to make it easy to find new products we've created a section of the site to highlight what's up and coming in the match fishing scene.

So, whether you're looking for the new Absolute Station seatbox, a Fishing Pole, Rod or Reel you'll find it here on the site. We've also got information about some of the smaller bits and pieces all angler's need, including general terminal tackle like hooks, line, elastics, and also a large range of essential bait accessories to make your life easier when out on the bank. Our clothing range has evolved over years of development.

Meet our team of expert anglers...


Contact Preston Innovations

As a major tackle company, we're always open to suggestions and ideas and welcome comments from other anglers. Please feel free you use our Contact form to get in touch about specific products which will then be answered by one of our product specialists.