Double Slider Winders

New and improved these Double Winders now feature two sliders so two rigs can be stored on each winder. There is a slot for your hook and a peg which would hold a loop, meaning that rigs can be tied and hooklengths added at a later date if needed – without kinking your line. Available in a wide range of sizes, colour-coded to suit each size. Also available in trays, boxes and the new tray system for the Absolute Station.

Double Slider Winders
The sliding anchor can be moved along the full length of the winder. There is a small retaining spike at both ends of the slider so it doesn’t matter which way you wind your rig on. The tapered ‘V’ hook holding slot can accommodate hooks as small as size 26 without damage. 
Available with six sizes of winder 13cm, 18cm, 20cm, 22cm, 26cm and 26cm wide

Inbox Double Winder Trays
Open trays filled with double winders fit in the draws and units of OnBox seat boxes.
Available with four sizes of winder 13cm, 18cm, 26cm narrow and 26cm wide

Inbox Double Winder Boxes
The InBox winder boxes fit in the shallow side drawers of the OnBox range enabling different rigs to be interchanged depending on requirements.
Available with three sizes of winder 13cm, 18cm and 26cm narrow

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Code Description
P0020024 Double Slider Winders 13cm
P0020015 Double Slider WInders 18cm
P0020016 Double Slider Winder 20cm
P0020017Double Slider Winder 22cm
P0020067Double Slider Winder 26cm
P0020026Double Slider Winder 26cm Wide
P0020019 INBOX Double Winder Trays 13cm Yellow
P0020020INBOX Double Winder Trays 18cm Red
P0020029INBOX Double Winder Tray 26cm Orange
P0020030INBOX Double Winder Tray 26cm Wide Purple
P0020027INBOX Double Winder Boxes 13cm Yellow
P0020028INBOX Double Winder Boxes 18cm Red
P0020028INBOX Double Winder Boxes 26cm Orange