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Samantha Sim

PI- How did you get into fishing?

SS- My grandfather used to bailiff Sonubaits sponsored Passies Pond. I sued ot spend every summer and any spare time fishing the pond. I started fishing at the age of 6 and have been and keen ever since. Its in my blood!


PI- What was your first fish?

SS-it was a gudgeon form Passies pond!


PI- What was your first match win?

SS- My first match win was the Bob Nudd Junior Championships.


PI- What is your proudest moment in angling?

SS- Individually my best moment in angling was winning the Wychavon Championship at Evesham with a 10lb Barbel. As a team when we won gold in the England Ladies tops everything.


PI- How long have you been fishing?

SS- Most of my life. About 22 years.


PI- Have you ever fished for a team?

SS- yes I currently fish for Aaron Angling club. However the majority of my fishing is done individually and through the England Ladies team.


Samantha Sim
Personal Best Match Weight
236lb Franfield
Angling Achievements
Team gold, silver and a bronze England Ladies/three times fish ladies winner/ladies national champion/ladies Evesham Champion/Evesham Wychavon Champion
Favoured Venue
Wey Navigation canal
Favourite Method
Bream on long pole
Item of tackle I would not be without
11 hollo and Monster Mega Side Tray
Angling Ambition
Remain in England Ladies team and try to achieve double gold. Reach the Drennan Knockout Cup Final,I just missed out last year in the semi final so I would love to make it this year. I would also like to win the Ladies Fishomania title for the fourth tim

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