wire Cage Feeders

The Wire Cage Feeder features a wide lead. This offers increased stability when cast tight to islands. The ultra strong, non-glare cage construction resists damage when cast into shallow water. The special anti-tangle feeder link helps with casting by absorbing shock.

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Code Description
PWCF/20Small - 20g
PWCFS/30Small - 30g
PWCFM/20Wire Cage Feeder - Medium - 20g
PWCFM/30Medium - 30g
PWCFL/25Large - 25g
PWCFL/25Large - 25g
PWCFL/35Large - 35g
PWCFL/50Large - 50g
PWCFL/65Large - 65g
PWCFXL/25XLarge - 25g
PWCFXL/45XLarge - 45g
PWCFXL/60XLarge - 60g
PWCFXL/80XLarge - 80g
PWCFXL/100XLarge - 100g