Preston Innovations are very proud to launch this pole exclusively for European match anglers. The stiffness and balance is exceptional, which combine to give the pole a very fast action.

Perfect for those requiring the very highest level of performance from a pole, the Easy Ship finish and joint alignment system are a huge plus point for match anglers were every second counts. Available in 2 lengths and kit packages.

Masterclass X5 11.5m PACKAGE
1 x 11.5m Pole
2 x Top 4 Kit
1 x Mini Extension
1 x Kup Kit & Kups
Length: 11.5m
Sections: 8
Elastic Rating 0.16/No10

Masterclass X5 13m PACKAGE
1 x 13.0m Pole
2 x Top 5 Kit
1 x Mini Extension,
1 x Kup Kit & Kups
Length: 13.0m
Sections: 9
Elastic Rating 0.16/No10

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Code Description
MCX5/11.5M Masterclass X5 11.5m
MCX5/13MMasterclass X5 13m