Masterclass tyson

Masterclass tyson
With more and more venues in Europe containing carp and even sturgeon the demand for even stronger poles is growing. Most of these venues are deeper than the traditional commercial lakes in the UK so require different kit packages. This means that stronger number 4 sections are required so we have upgraded the traditional 4th section (first section after the power kit).  The extra strength here gives you the confidence you need to apply the required pressure when netting fish and having a spare power top 3 enables you to use a longer length of elastic in your top sections, using a deep water pulla if required. The sections feature joint alignment arrows and Easy Ship finish to ensure optimum performance. Elastic rating 20.
1 x 11.5m pole
1 x power top 3 kit
1 x mini extension

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MCTYSON/11.5MMasterclass Tyson

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