Dutchmaster Bullet Feeder

Stream-lined wire cage feeders, with the loading on the base to help them cast straight, even in crosswinds. Available in two sizes and a variety of weights to suit all conditions these feeders are designed for long distance fishing.

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Code Description
DMBF/20SSmall Cage - 20gr
DMBF/30SSmall Cage - 30gr
DMBF/40SSmall Cage - 40gr
DMBF/50SSmall Cage - 50gr
DMBF/60SSmall Cage - 60gr
DMBF/80SSmall Cage - 80gr
DMBF/50LLarge Cage - 50gr
DMBF/60LLarge Cage - 60gr
DMBF/80LLarge Cage - 80gr