Alloy Bolo Floats

Designed for use in depths from 6ft plus with an olivette or bulk shotting pattern, the Alloy Bolo is ideal for all river work when targeting species such as dace and roach. Can also be used for 'long lining' when the fish are close enough to be caught on the whip and features a high visibility hollow tip and alloy stem for stability.

Available Sizes; 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g and 6g

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Code Description
PF7/2GAlloy Bolo - 2g
PF7/3GAlloy Bolo - 3g
PF7/4GAlloy Bolo - 4g
PF7/5GAlloy Bolo - 5g
PF7/6GAlloy Bolo - 6g