Preston Innovations offer a wide range of Bolognaise Rods, specifically designed for river fishing in deep water, with larger floats.

Absolute Bolo Medium
Medium actioned Bolo Rods are ideal for powerful flows and floats up to 16 grams. Suitable for setting bigger hooks and playing bigger fish. Their high modulus carbon construction means that line pick up on the strike is effortless and their light weight allows them to be held for long periods without
them feeling heavy.
Suitable for mainlines from 3-5lb

Available in 5m, 6m and 7m lengths

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Code Description
ABBROD/015m Absolute Medium / Light Bolo Rod
ABBROD/026m Absolute Medium / Light Bolo Rod
ABBROD/037m Absolute Medium / Light Bolo Rod
ABBROD/045m Absolute Medium Bolo Rod
ABBROD/056m Absolute Medium Bolo Rod
ABBROD/067m Absolute Medium Bolo Rod

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