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Ricky Teale to Direct Operations of Zebco Brand

Ricky Teale to Direct Operations of Zebco Brand

We're proud to announce that fishing industry titan Ricky Teale will join Zebco Brands (Preston Innovations Inc.) as the European Commercial Director, effective from April 3rd. In this new role, Ricky will spearhead Zebco’s European business, overseeing Preston Innovations and Zebco Europe.

Ricky is well known to much of the fishing industry, spending 15 years at Preston Innovations. Proving to be an invaluable instruemnt in driving Preston's growth into the leading UK tackle company.

“We are very happy to have Ricky leading our growth strategy,” said Jeff Pontius, Zebco Brands CEO. “He has tremendous strengths in sales, marketing, branding and product development, which are the engines of growth. We look forward to Ricky leading the strategic development of both Zebco Europe and Preston as well as finding ways the two business can help one another. With his leadership and the backing of Zebco and W.C. Bradley, I feel great about our future.”

Ricky commented on his new role at Zebco Europe; “What attracted me to this position is the challenge to build a larger European fishing business based on the strengths of both Zebco Europe and Preston, as well as any others who might join us in the future!”

“I see my job as ensuring the brands have meaning and direction, that the right products are in the right brands and that they are marketed correctly and successfully."

Ricky's return adds essential experience and knowledge to the Preston Innovations brand, which will be particularly advantageous in our expansion across Europe. The future loooks very bright indeed!

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