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Griffiths Wins Knockout Cup

Preston Innovations star Robbie Griffiths is crowned the Drennan Knockout champion.

The countries top match anglers up and down the country battle it out for prestigious title. The event is held on commercials, canals and rivers so anglers needed to show a wide variety of skills. A true all-round event!

The final takes place at the picturesque Docklow Pools, in Herefordshire. A very tricky venue that requires a range of tactics and angling skills.

The event started with 146 anglers at Tunnel Barn Farm fishery and this was whittled down to four finalists. Robbie Griffiths, Steve Barraclough, Warren Martin and Ian Didcote fought it out for the coveted title.

The final took place over two days and the angler with the biggest weight over the two days would win the event.

Day One

The stand out performers from the first day of the final were Browning Ossett star Steve Barraclough and Preston ace Robbie Griffiths.

Steve fished a very tidy match, alternating between pellets long and his margin swim’s later on in the match. Steve caught some massive fish, up to 15lb for a total weight of 102lb 5oz. These bonus fish put Steve 11lb clear of second place Robbie Griffiths.

Similar to Steve Robbie caught the majority of his fish on a long pellet line. Good stamp F1’s were the main target species on this longer line, with the hope of snaring some of the larger Docklow specimens down the edge.

Robbie also had a brilliant match, weighing in just under 92lb which put him in a great position going into the final day.

Ian Didcote and Warren Martin both weighed 76lb and 75lb respectively. So, realistically any of the four anglers could still win the event! Which is brilliant as no one likes to see a run-away leader on the first day, apart from the runaway leader.

Day One Results

1st Steve Barraclough peg 26 - 102lb 5oz

2nd Robbie Griffiths peg 8- 91lb 5oz

3rd Ian Didcote peg 6 - 76lb 7oz

4th Warren Martin 24 - 75lb 10oz

Day Two

Overnight temperatures dropped off by several degrees and there was a lot of overnight rain, both would surely have an impact on the sport!

Robbie Griffiths looked like a clear favourite after pulling out fancied peg 24. A peg that had some great form leading up to the final so the Preston star had a great chance of lifting the trophy.

The first two hours of the match were very slow for all four anglers, it was clear that the overnight temperature drop and rain had affected the sport on the Match Lake at Docklow.

Things seem to go Robbie’s way throughout the match and looked to be one step ahead of everyone else. His tactics were perfect, switching between his long pellet line that did the damage the day before and a short caster line for everything that swims.

All four anglers fished pellets long both days

This short caster line proved key to Robbie’s victory, he kept putting fish in the net when the other three anglers sat motionless.

Casters short proved a vital tactic

Robbie had a great match and showed his class to finish with 73lb 9oz, just 7lb clear of second place Steve Barracloguh. Warren Martin claimed third which left Ian Didcote in fourth place.

Day Two Results

1st Warren Martin - 75lb 10oz

2nd Robbie Griffiths – 73lb 9oz

3rd Steve Barraclough - 55lb 11oz

4th Ian Didcote – 44lb 9oz

Overall Results

1st  Robbie Griffiths – 164lb 14oz

2nd Steve Barraclough - 158lb

3rd Warren Martin - 149lb 1oz

4th Ian Didcote – 121lb

Very tight finish, a single fish swung it

The 2016 Drennan Knockout Cup Champion

Massive congratulations to Robbie Griffiths on a commanding victory, a truly well-deserved winner on a very tricky venue that required lots of adaptability and all round knowledge.

Another Preston angler wins the Knockout cup! That’s three winners in four years, pretty good going, eh!

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