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Welcome to Preston Innovations 2021The last 12-months has been a rollercoasterfor everybody, but thankfully angling hascome out of it in a much stronger positionwith thousands of new anglers looking toenjoy this wonderful sport.Of course, here at Preston Innovations wehaven’t missed a beat and the innovation and development of new and exciting tackle hasnever stopped and that is evident in our new releases.Undoubtedly, the star of the show is the Inception Station. Our design team havebeen hard at work on this project for over two years as we answered the call to develop astation-style seatbox forunder £500!The team delivered and the Inception Stationishere and fully compatible with the rest of theInception range. At just 16.22kg this is also an incredibly light option if you are looking fora station seatbox and all of the advantages that brings. We have an incredible reputation for producing rods that suit the demands of modern fishing techniques and the newI gnition range istestament to that - amazing value for money that ticks every box. Speaking of incredible value for money,keep an eye out for the Monster X Landing Net Handles and Competition Luggage additions.The Des Shipp Commercial Slims Pole Floatr ange has been incredibly popular over the past 18-months and we can now bring to you a quality range of pre-tied rigs using these awesome floats. They have all been designed to Des’ specifications including the shotting patterns, hooks used and line combinations.Everything is matched perfectly to the floatstyle and the quality is unmatched.There are too many new products to talk through them individually, so please enjoylooking through this guide. But we must give special mention, before we go, to theIntensity Feeder Reels. Our reel development team continue to produce incredible offerings and the Intensity Feeder Reels have been three years in the making. England Internationals Lee Kerry and Mick Vials have been using sample reels for three years now and we canfinally release them safe in the knowledge that they can cope with the demands of intense feeder fishing. The Intensity also features SDS (Speed Drag System). This is a first for our reels and is a key developmentthat we will look to take forward in the future.So finally, a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for the continued support and we hope you enjoy the new releases for 2021.